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Can Suze Orman Save America?


That’s likely as close to politics as Orman will ever get, despite entreaties from some of her most devoted fans, who imagine her as an Elizabeth Warren-esque icon of financial populism. Occasionally, she will make a round of media appearances—as she did during the government shutdown—handing out “financial reality slaps” to dysfunctional politicians. But she is shrewd enough to know that partisanship would only narrow her audience. Any opinion on former Harvard president Larry Summers, who, despite claims of misogyny, nearly became chairman of the Federal Reserve, determining monetary policy for the entire world? “I have no opinion on it, I don’t care,” Orman insists. And though she has advocated publicly for same-sex marriage, both on her show and elsewhere, she says she turned down a request to appear on the campaign trail this fall with Christine Quinn, who was running for a shot at being New York City’s first openly gay mayor. “I think she would have been fabulous,” Orman says of Quinn, who lost badly. “I was so rooting for her.”

Source: Daily Beast